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Support Long-Term Sobriety

Help us provide meaningful work and community support.

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You cultivate sobriety when you cultivate healthy communities.

Your donation funds scholarships for sober living, mental health, and other areas of recovery need.
Simple Promise Farms connects those in recovery to meaningful work and healthy communities. When you contribute to our farm, you help people struggling with addiction find the healthy connections they lost to substance abuse.
Your support also helps us invest in the farm: to keep it running, growing, and serving our community.
Our organic farm grows more than vegetables. It grows life-sustaining connections. Farm work and selling produce connects recovering people to a life of purpose. Working alongside volunteers, staff, and each other builds healthy habits, community, and self-esteem. Our working farm is a place of complete life transformation: a place where people learn how to live well again.
When you donate to Simple Promise Farms, you're cultivating long-term sobriety based in healthy connections to life, community, and self.